Advanced Automotive Concepts: Tomorrow's Technology,           Here Today!

Advanced automotive concepts - In the ever changing world of the automobile, one can see all the world's major manufacturers showing off their latest advanced automotive concepts several times a year at the major auto shows. Many of us go to these shows in the hopes of finding the best fit for possible purchase. On the other hand, quite a few individuals go for the thrill factor in seeing what the next wave of advanced automotive concepts will bring to the driving public.

Advanced automotive concepts - On the opposite side of the equation, the manufacture's themselves are always scouting young people and old alike to see what it is exactly that they are looking for in a new ride or future purchase.  People are always clamoring for new colors, smaller sizes, bigger sizes, more gadgets, more electronics and other similar advanced automotive concepts which ultimately make their way onto the drawing board and into the world of a real car through trial and error.

Downsizing seems to be a very popular trend right now. With gasoline prices reaching new highs all the time, people want to squeeze every mile they can out of every gallon of gasoline. To do so, advanced automotive concepts has to include major tweaks to the engine, drive train, aerodynamics, and on-board electronic systems which monitor the whole process.

Of course, families with kids are always on the lookout for advanced automotive concepts that bring new features in both safety and amusement for the little ones. Common features seen today which were only a concept not too long ago include i-pod and i-pad integration, head rests with built in television monitors, speakers all over the car and airbags all through out the car.

Two of my favorite advanced automotive concepts that are just now starting to trickle down throughout the auto industry include blind spot monitors and stay awake monitors. Both of these safety features have long been asked for and are now finally here.  Advanced automotive concepts such as these and more will surely make the driving experience that much more rewarding, safer and fun for all, so stay tuned to see what is up ahead!


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